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Modern Architecture

Our Highlights

We at Patriot Builds LLC have had our hand in many fantastic and amazing projects over the years. Here are a few glimpses into our favorite projects we've done over the years. 



Dream Kitchen

The customer contacted us seeking to refresh their home with some updates. After discussing various options together, they chose to remove a pantry, upgrade the kitchen including most appliances, and install new flooring and trim throughout the entire first floor. The final outcome was absolutely stunning.


Bathroom update

One of our customers contacted us regarding a bathroom renovation. After assessing the space, we determined that the most practical and cost-effective approach would be a partial demolition. We installed new tile, a vanity, lighting, mirrors, converted the existing tub into a shower, and incorporated built-in shelves in the shower for shampoo bottles.



Servicing the ones who served

A retired Veteran, who bravely served our country, reached out to us for help with renovating his deck, finding no one willing to assist. Our team stepped in to support him. We began by thoroughly inspecting the deck's framing, ensuring its structural integrity. After confirming its stability, we proceeded to install new treads, railing posts, railings, decking, and lattice. Now, he can fully enjoy the deck he rightfully deserves.


Play area for the kids

When our team first assessed this project, the basement was completely unfinished. The customer's primary request was to create a pleasant play area with ample storage for their children. We took on the challenge by framing the entire basement, leveling the flooring, and adding the requested storage solutions. Additionally, we installed new waterproof flooring and a drop ceiling to complete the transformation. The end result perfectly met the customer's specifications.

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